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RAVE Method: Repeatability.  The Most Overlooked Fundamental Business Principle That Is Costing Your Business PROFIT!

RAVE Method: Attractability. How to Create a System to Attract Customers on Demand!

RAVE Method: Valueability.  How to Add Value, Create Wealth & Increase Business Profitability!

RAVMethod: Emotionality.  How to Build an Emotional Connection (aka a Brand) With Your Market That Crushes the Competition & Safeguards Your Business for the Future!


Guides & Info

Marketing Guide for Local Business Success

LiveHand's Blog

Website Tools

Website Hosts That I Like for Small Business - WPEngine, DigitalOcean

Amazing WordPress Theme for Small Business - Thrive Themes

WordPress Plugins I Recommend for Business Owners

Stay In Touch with Customers

Stay in touch with your customers! ActiveCampaign (or other email service providers) and SMS


Tools - Cameras, Lenses, Mic, Lighting, Video Editing, Drones, and more.


Productivity - Trello, Notion