We are 100% committed to helping good businesses grow.  

We want the world to be a better, more prosperous place for all.  

Businesses (a group of people!) that add value and solve problems in the world, make the world a better place.  

Helping businesses is our passion, and our own little way of helping the world become a better place. 

Our Approach

We like to take everything back to a First Principles approach.  

We look at the basic foundational business principles that can ensure business success.

Ask yourself, "Why do some businesses thrive and grow rapidly, while others struggle or end up in severe decline?"

We think it can usually be boiled down to 4 Fundamental Business Principles (we call it the "RAVE Method") that STRUGGLING businesses have not strategically solved: 

  • REPEATABILITY: The business was unable to keep customers coming back - and lacks crucial repeat business.  This is the lifeblood of most businesses that wish to survive long-term. 
  • ATTRACTABILITY: The business was unable attract enough new customers, profitably and when needed.  Without a system of attracting new customers on demand, the business was scrambling to throw random stuff at the wall and see what worked or sat around hoping more customers magically found it.
  • VALUEABILITY: The business failed to strategically add enough value, hampering the ability to charge enough money for a healthy margin and satisfy customers, therefore the business never really took off and certainly wasn't sustainable enough to survive setbacks or recessions.
  • EMOTIONALABILITY: The business didn't develop a strong emotional connection (aka "brand") with its customers and target market, therefore people in the market saw the business as a "so-what/me-too" business and chose to spend money elsewhere.

Create a business that masters these four fundamental areas (the RAVE Method), and you will be well on your way to a successful and sustainable business.

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