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Success isn't magic. It isn't just dumb luck. More often than not, successful companies have implemented smart strategies and systems. Successful strategies and systems can be studied, modelled, and implemented. Yes, even by you!

First principles

A first principles approach reduces complex systems and issues into smaller and easier to understand and digest components.  The goal is to find root causes. Only once a system is fully understood, may you then start looking at intelligent and efficient solutions.

Strategy & Implementation

After issues are broken down with the first principles approach, strategies can be developed to help make incremental improvements. A sound strategy is important but it's only part of the battle.  Any strategy without execution is worthless.  Execution is key.  This will take sustained effort from your team. It's not for the faint of heart.

Ask yourself

Why do some businesses thrive and grow rapidly, while others struggle or end up in severe decline?

Our Methodology?

We developed the RAVE Method to breakdown the complex and provide a framework for improving your business.

It can usually be boiled down to 4 fundamental business principles that struggling businesses have not strategically solved:


The business was unable to keep customers coming back - and lacks crucial repeat business. This is the lifeblood of most businesses that wish to survive long-term.


The business was unable to attract enough new customers, profitably and when needed. Without a system of attracting new customers on demand, the business was scrambling to throw random tactics at the wall and see what worked or sit around hoping more customers magically found it.


The business failed to strategically add enough value, hampering the ability to charge enough money for a healthy margin and satisfy customers, therefore the business never really took off and certainly wasn't sustainable enough to survive setbacks or recessions.


The business didn't develop a strong emotional connection with its customers and target market, therefore people in the market saw the business as a "so-what/me-too" business and chose to spend money elsewhere.

Find and implement solutions

Create a business that masters these four fundamental areas (using the RAVE Method), and you will be well on your way to a successful and sustainable business!

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Creating strategies that help businesses grow is his passion. Sure... it's a weird passion.  Kyle didn't choose it, it chose Kyle. 

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If you are really serious about growth, you can up the ante by buying the RAVE Method Course!  The course contains step-by-step instructions to fast track your path to success. You will get a massive ROI if you actually implement the lessons.  

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Success is for the committed, the "NEVER STOP, NEVER SURRENDER!" types. Success for them isn't a matter of "if" but "when".

It's a journey. It takes work. 

The RAVE Method simply gives a 'recipe' or 'directions' to follow and get there a whole heck of a lot quicker.

Can I get private business & marketing coaching?


We are very busy. Strategically we prefer to spend our time creating our own projects that can help MANY businesses grow.  

When we create products, we can sell it over-and-over and leverage our effort into having a larger impact on the world, and more money for our limited time on this planet.  

However, sometimes we accept a few select clients to work with and do some private 1-on-1 coaching.  

Contact us and ask if we are accepting new coaching clients.  No promises, but we can always add you to the wait-list if we aren't. 

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