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Helping Businesses Grow. Period.

Our mission is to continually learn, teach and actually use the latest knowledge, tips and techniques that are currently working in the business and marketing world, to help entrepreneurs achieve explosive growth



On LiveHand's Show we interview successful entrepreneurs and business people that have strategies that are working to grow their businesses.  We ask tough questions and try as learn as much as possible.  

We also review exciting new software, techniques and business strategies, answer questions and discuss all topics related to business and marketing.  

And we document it all for the world to see...  We hope you enjoy! 



We create information products (courses and newsletter) to teach business owners and managers like YOU  the knowledge we have learned (and earned) over the years.  We deliver it in a structured and easy-to-follow approach, so you can go on and actually GROW YOUR BUSINESS with proven strategies and blueprints! 



We don't just learn (study) and teach the information on growing a business.  We practice what we preach.  We deliver value by helping entrepreneurs grow their business rapidly.

Do YOU need help with marketing? We can do it with you and take your business to the next level.